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18 August 2017Mixed forecast for Chile stonefruit

While cherry production and exports are projected to grow in 2017/18, the reduction in planted area for peaches and nectarines will lead to a marginal decline in exports.

18 August 2017California avocado crop halves

The California Avocado Commission confirms that this year's crop is almost half that of 2016, down to an estimated 96K MT.

18 August 2017Moroccan tomatoes gain ground in Russia

Morocco has become the leading supplier of tomatoes to Russia, dethroning rival Turkey, whose tomatoes are subject to a trade embargo.

18 August 2017Good semester for Honduran bananas

In the first six months of 2017 the value of banana exports increased 3% year-on-year to US$272m, despite a reduction in volume.

18 August 2017Australian cherry crop set to rebound

The cherry crop is projected to rise 60% in 2017/18 after falling sharply in the previous year as a result of unfavorable weather conditions.

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17 August 2017Bayer joins battle against citrus greening

The German pharmaceutical and chemical giant has announced a three-year research agreement with the non-profit Citrus Research and Development Foundation.

17 August 2017PNW forecasts better apple year

Despite projecting a similar crop volume to 2016, Washington State growers should this year benefit from a shorter supply of competitive fruit from Europe, Mexico and Canada.

17 August 2017Del Monte to delay Panama project

The US multinational is to wait for the outcome of a lawsuit brought by a group of producers, which alleges the Banapiña deal is unconstitutional.

17 August 2017New record for Bay of Plentry kiwifruit orchard

A green kiwifruit orchard in New Zealand’s major production region has achieved what is believed to be a record price of NZ$500,000 per canopy hectare.

17 August 2017St Lucia bananas on recovery path

The government of the Caribbean island is to assist banana farmers by sudsidising the cost of fertilser, which is forecast to triple exports year-on-year.

17 August 2017Brexit claims Southern Salads

The UK fresh salads supplier has fallen into administration, with blame leveled at a spike in import prices for fresh vegetables after the Brexit vote last summer.

17 August 2017Afghan President issues order for fruit flights

The presidential intervention comes after weeks of continuing losses of fresh fruit rotting at Kabul airport because of flight delays.

16 August 2017Peru to ship fewer grapes

Industry association Provid blames El Niño for the projected 10-15% reduction in the Peruvian table grape crop for the 2017/18 season.

16 August 2017Maersk Line on the money

With average freight rates up 22% year-on-year, the world's largest container carrier posted a US$339m profit in Q2.

16 August 2017USDA clears access for Colombian avocadoes

Colombia is projected to ship no more than 10K MT of avocadoes to the US per year, compared to the 800K MT exported to the US annually by Mexico.