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18 December 2018Italy revises kiwifruit estimate

With the crop now harvested, the seasonal total is 11% lower than the pre-season forecast and 30% lower than the four-year average.

18 December 2018Cool Carriers reactivates SRS

From 1 January, the banana service between Ecuador and St Petersburg is to call at the Swedish port of Helsingborg en route.

18 December 2018SMS Group reveals high-bay solution for containers

The German engineering specialist says it has developed technology that promises to triple the storage capacity for global port logistics.

18 December 2018UFMB quantifies losses

The French Union of Banana Ripeners blames disturbances caused by anti-government 'gilets jaunes' protesters for the loss of approximately 4K MT of bananas.

18 December 2018Spanish citrus shippers hit by 'perfect storm'

Citrus producers in the Valencia region blame an overhang of South African fruit, bad weather and a fall in consumption for the worst start to a season in 25 years.

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17 December 2018Compagnie Fruitière invests big in Abidjan

The French multinational says it plans to invest the equivalent of US$38m to increase the capacity of the fruit terminal at the port.

17 December 2018India to ship more grapes

An unofficial preliminary forecast projects a 30% rise in volumes exported, with shipments to China likely to quadruple.

17 December 2018FTUSA revokes Suragroh certification

The Suragroh melon farm in Honduras has officially been decertified and its Fair Trade certificate revoked, effective immediately.

17 December 2018Double whammy for Washington apples

Washington State total apple exports are down 28% due to a smaller-than-normal crop and the effects of a trade war in international markets.

17 December 2018UK FSA condemns British vegetables

An unacceptably high percentage of vegetables sold in British supermarkets are contaminated with the deadly norovirus, food safety experts have found.

17 December 2018TP confirms sale of Dole's Nordic Salad Business

The sale of Saba Fresh Cuts AB was a condition of the European Commission's approval of the acquisition by Total Produce of a 45% equity stake in Dole in July.

14 December 2018Dole divests

The sale of Saba Fresh Cuts AB was a necessary condition of the European Commission's approval of the investment by Total Produce into Dole in July 2018.

14 December 2018Scales diversifies

New Zealand's largest pipfruit producer Mr Apple owner Scales Corp says it has bought 60% of a United States-based petfood manufacturer.

14 December 2018Central American pineapple volumes surge

In the first six months of 2018, the volume and value of pineapple shipments rose 18% and 14% respectively over the corresponding period in 2017.

14 December 2018Egyptian citrus industry continues growth

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands and China are the top import destinations for Egyptian oranges.