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19 February 2018Fruit fly found in Grabouw

The South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has confirmed the discovery in the town at the heart of the country's apple industry.

19 February 2018Delinanas article was fake news

Reefer Trends accepts that the article published on Friday 16 February regarding the suspension of Del Monte's operating a banana farm in Maguindanao was inaccurate and misleading.

19 February 2018US banana imports head for new record

To the end of November 2017, the United States had imported 4.5m MT of bananas, with Guatemalan fruit accounting for 41% of the total.

19 February 2018Russia leads kinnow demand

The Russian market has absorbed 33% of season-to-date soft citrus shipments from Pakistan, which are running ahead of last year.

19 February 2018Cargo train carries Chinese apples to Minsk

The route launched from Linyi in January cuts the travel time between the two to 16 days, which is 30 days shorter than by sea, and 6-10 days shorter than by road.

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19 February 2018Cocaine smugglers find fresh vector

Approximately 800kgs of the Class A narcotic has been de-commissioned by Mexican police after intercepting a shipment of avocadoes.

16 February 2018Australia clears path for Indonesian fruit

A bilateral trade agreement sees Australia accepting Indonesian mangoes and dragon fruit while Indonesia has agreed to take Australian seed potatoes.

16 February 2018Washington State struggles through apple crop

With a lot of apples remaining to sell, the industry is growing concerned that the large, late crop of 2017 will be followed by an early season in 2018.

16 February 2018Slow start to Peruvian mango exports

Although forecast to match last season's record volume, year-to-date shipments are down by 1,100 containers, according to producer association APEM.

16 February 2018British seed potatoes quadruple Kenyan yield

The four varieties are to be planted for a second season and if they perform well once more they could be approved for commercial export to Kenya.

15 February 2018Wrecked shipping schedules cause reefer headache

The extra tight supply of reefer containers in Central America is expected to last several weeks, further shortening the supply of bananas into the EU.

15 February 2018Switerland responds to pipfruit crisis

As stocks of domestically produced pears are forecast to run out by end next week, the Swiss government authorizes the importation of 8,000 tonnes of apples.

15 February 2018EU banana imports head for record

In the first 11 months of 2017 the volume of traded bananas within the EU had risen to almost 6m tonnes, a 5% rise year-on-year.

15 February 2018Tasmainia extends fruit fly control area

Biosecurity Tasmania says more larvae have been found in the fruit tree of a kitchen garden at a site adjacent to a commercial orchard.

15 February 2018Pakistani fruit shippers fear Iranian tit-for-tat

Recent restrictions on fresh fruit imports from Iran have sparked fears among domestic exporters that the neighbouring country may impose similar curbs.