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25 May 2018Drought hits Brazilian banana production

As the world's second largest banana producer imports its first bananas in two decades, the domestic industry is struggling with the climate and market pricing.

25 May 2018Zespri makes China production breakthrough

The kiwifruit marketer says it is hopeful that by next year it will be able to sell kiwifruit grown in China under its own coveted marketing label.

25 May 2018Bigbucks breaks SAPO record

The Flash Gala variety is the most successful new variety in terms of orders placed in the history of the South African Plant Improvement Organisation.

25 May 2018Canada anticipates strong stone fruit season

In contrast to the industry south of the border, British Columbian cherry producers are anticipating a record crop this year.

25 May 2018Jager joins DMS

The former Zespri CEO Lain Jager has been appointed board director of the Tauranga-based kiwifruit and avocado orchard management and post-harvest operator.

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24 May 2018Coldiretti warns of significant fruit losses

The leading Italian agricultural association says the country’s cherry, peach and nectarine crops have been badly affected by ongoing 'anomalous' rainfall.

24 May 2018Chile to ship more citrus

The Chilean Citrus Committee forecasts total exports of 315K MT for 2018, a 17% increase year-on-year.

24 May 2018Kiwifruit monthly exports soar to new high

New Zealand kiwifruit exports rose 82% in April 2018 compared with April 2017, to reach NZ$438m, a new high for any month.

24 May 2018Recyplast celebrates 25-year anniversary

Dole Food says that its pioneering plastic recycling company in Costa Rica has recently surpassed 25 years in its mission to reduce and reuse agricultural waste.

24 May 2018T&G future proofs apple crop

The 47-hectare block being developed by T&G in Moteo is planted to be two-dimensional rather than the usual three, facilitating automotive processes.

24 May 2018Tasmania spends A$5.5m on fruit fly

The Tasmanian Government is confident the state's 'largest-ever single biosecurity action' will have successfully eradicated fruit fly in the state come the new season.

23 May 2018Less is more for Zespri

A range of factors helped the marketer deliver an increase in value to growers, despite a season in which the volume of New Zealand kiwifruit sold fell by 11%.

23 May 2018Sharp fall confirmed for PNW cherries

US Pacific Northwest producers are forecasting a 20.4m-box cherry crop this season, down 22.7% from last year’s record 26.4m boxes.

23 May 2018Dover to operate without CEO

The UK Port of Dover says progress on the Western Docks Revival Project will not be hindered despite the absence of a chief executive.

23 May 2018Fruit bats linked to Nipah spread

Indian fruit exporters are concerned after the rare, contagious, brain-damaging virus is held responsible for the deaths of at least 10 people in the State of Kerala.